I Am Dennis Wyman

Elder statesmen of the internet, bourbon connoisseur, and all-around beacon of responsible irresponsibility and Bad Advice. I freelance in web development, have a severe obsession with music, and occasionally pretend I'm a journalist.

End of the River

I self-published my first ebook, "End of the River," in the summer of 2013. A small collection of journal entries and prose pieces, it is loosely based on my 10 month stay in Alaska, and available free of charge.

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Photo Gallery

I don't claim to be a professional photographer, but I like to take photos of some of the places and people I've seen in my travels. I've catalogued some of my favorites online.

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Web Portfolio

I freelance in web development to pay the bills. I specialize in ExpressionEngine and general frontend development, PHP/MySQL, and Linux server administration, but I have skills all over the place.

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